Q.1: What is the price range?
A: Off rack gowns are going for 339-1200$+. Customization starts from 650$ for a simple design, you can email design to vivian.gown@gmail.com to quote. Men's suits starts from 450$ per set (without vest) or 500$ (with vest) to customize. Promotional sample items go for 59-200$+, check with Vivian for availability.

Q.2: Do you do rental?
Sorry we don't do rental. Everything is for purchase, customization is to keep. This allows us room to update our design frequently rather than keeping old rented gowns for long.

Q.3: Do you have any gowns ready-made for me to try?
A: Yes, we do have a quite big collection of gowns ready made for you to try.

Q.4: Is alteration service provided? How much and How long?
A: Yes, we do alteration on our own gowns. The alteration fee depends on structure of the gown and what needs to be done. We will suggest after we see the fitting. Typically, taking-in on bust is 25-45$. Lead time for alteration is 2 weeks.

Q.5: I bought a gown from others, can you alter it for me?
A: Sorry, we do not alter other vendor's gowns.

Q.6: I have bought some fabric, can I ask you to make the gown?
A: Sorry we do not use customer's fabric.

Q.7: I am a size M, not very tall, can I know if this gown fits me?
A: We suggest you make an appointment to try the gown. It is usually not practical to decide a gown's fitting by email or phone talk.

Q.8: I would like to make an appointment, when is convenient for you?
A: We open daily 9.30am - 12pm (last appt 11am), 2pm-7pm (last appt 6pm), 8.30pm-9.30pm (last appt 8.30pm). Pls email/sms in your name, mobile number and preferred date and time of visit directly. We will confirm with you very soon.

Q.9: I like this gown, do you have sizes?
A: We do have different sizes for different gowns, however for one design we normally only keep one piece. If it does not fit you, we can either alter it or do made-to-measure for you.

Q.10: Is made-to-measure the same price?
A: There will be a surcharge of 80-180$ for made-to-meausre. You can customize color and size.

Q.11: How long does made-to-measure take? Do I need to pay all?
A: Our lead time is 4-6 weeks, and another 2 weeks for alteration, if needed. You'll need to pay half of the total price as deposit. The other half balance is payable upon collection.

Q.12: What is the payment mode. 
A: We accept cash only.

Q.13: If we have the design, can you make it? How much will a simple white dress be?
A: Yes, we specialize in tailoring customer's designs too. Pls send in the design to vivian.gown@gmail.com for quotation. Pls note we won't be able to quote or make a dress based on verbal description.

Q.14. How do I go about tailoring a design?
A: You can send in the design to vivian.gown@gmail.com, we will quote you the price. If you are OK with the price, you can make appointment with us to see fabric and workmanship. We will also let you try similar cutting gowns, and point out risky details (which we know from our experience that a lot customers like on the picture but not when they wear the gown), before you actually decide to tailor.

Q.15: Do you design from scratch? How much?
A: Yes, we provide designing services too. For long bridal gowns, prices start from 1500$, for evening gowns, 1000$, and for short gowns 500$.  Lead time is 4-5 months (design plus making).

Q.16. Do you do make up and photographer?
A: Not currently. But we can recommend MUA and photographers on FYI basis.

Q.17. I like this gown, do you have other colors?
A: All colors are displayed on our website already, but we can do made-to-measure and customize the color for you. At the same time, it'll be made to your size.

Q.18. Are all your gowns on the website already or do you have more?
A: We try to update our website as soon as possible. Most of our gowns are updated except for a few new arrivals.

Q.19. I like this gown, but I do not like the bottom, can you change the bottom?
A: Sorry, we cannot change cutting or fabric of an exsiting design.

Q.20. I like this gown, but I don't like the material, can you make it using softer material?
A: Sorry, we cannot change cutting or fabric of an exsiting design.